cisco myPlanNet

I’m enjoying a week of break before transitioning to a new job… so going to keep this one short : )

In this simulation game, you are the CEO of your named technology company.  You bring connectivity to your population, buy network equipment, price your services, and discover new technologies.   I can’t comment too much on it yet, I’m still checking it out

You can find the game at

Stay frosty!


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5 thoughts on “cisco myPlanNet

    • Ah by the way, I wanted to ask you If you’d like to contribute to this blog with learning tidbits related to Windows Server Technologies? Prease prease?

      Topics like “Intro to RDS” “Configuring Branch” , anything about network and access would be ideal, but you could post about whatever … what do you think?

  1. Love 🙂 I actually have every single one of those cheat sheets printed and laminated, eventually I want to buy that $10 protocols poster they have.

    Yeah man, I want to give this page a unique look, that’s content friendly and not cluttery.. that’s why I took out my cert logos… and still thinking about how i’m going to design something to use as a banner for the page. Want to add your page to the blogroll… do you want me to add the new one? the old one or both? 😀

  2. I spruced up my new site ( just a touch, and I’m working on an RDS tutorial that I can cross-post on your site if you’d like. As a side note, I always thought of PHP as more of an Apache thing, but it’s incredibly easy to install it on IIS!

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