ICSNS – MDS Product Family Overview

Cisco MDS 9100, 9200 Series Multilayer Switches

MDS 9148 Gen-3, 48 2-,4-,8-Gb/s ports.  Lic 8 port increments; 16 VSAN, VOQ, 4 port group -128 BB credit; 32 BB credit per port (125 can be allocated); 16 port-portchannel. FSPF;QOS; FC-SP;QCW;Fabric Manager;

MDS 9134 Gen-2, 32 1-,2-,4-Gb/s ports, plus 2 10Gb/s ports. Can be stacked for 480-, or 64- port 4-Gb/s support.  Up to 16port- port-channel.

MDS 9124 Gen-2, 24 4-Gb/s ports; 4 ports per group, 64 BB credits per port group (61 BB credits max for 1 port for long ISL)

MDS 9222i Gen-2, Uses the 18/4 architecture of the (DS-9304-18K9); Advanced services fabric switch – supports QCW, FCIP, SME, IOA, SANTap, DMM, FICON, IPv6, IOS ISSU

MDS 9216

MDS 9216i


Cisco MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Directors

MDS 9513 – Gen 2, supports only Sup-2; slot 7 and slot 8 for supervisor modules.

MDS 9509 – Gen 1, supports Sup-1 or Sup-2; slot 5 & 6 for supervisor modules

MDS 9506 – Gen 1, supports Sup-1 or Sup-2; slot 3 & 4 for supervisor modules


Cisco MDS 9000 Series line card modules

Gen-1 (2Gb/s)  

16-Port FC Switch Module; Optimized for use as ISL; default FX ports w/16 BB credits.  E & TE ports default to 255 BB. 4000+ VOQ per ASIC and Cos 2,3,F

32-Port FC Switch Module; Optimized for host, tape and midrange disk connections.

MDS 9000 18/4 MSM (DS-9304-18K9) – has 18 1-,2-4-Gb/s FC ports, with 4 GigE ports

Gen-2 (4Gb/s)  

12-Port 1-,2-,4-Gb/s full rate on every port.

24-Port 1-,2-,4-Gb/s at 2:1 oversubscription and full-rate bw on each port at 1-,2-Gb/s

48-port 1-,2-,4-Gb/s at 4:1 oversubscription at 4Gb/s, 2:1 at 2Gg/s, full line rate at 1-Gb/s

4-Port 10-Gb/s full rate on every port; 6000 shared BB credits; 250 BB credit per port by default.

Gen-3 (8Gb/s)  

24-Port 1-,2-,4-,8-Gb/s at 2:1 oversbscription; full line rate at 1-,2-,4-Gb/s

48-Port 1-,2-,4-,8-Gb/s at 4:1 oversubscription; 2:1 at 4-Gb/s; full line at 1-,2-Gb/s; 6000 BB credits

4/44-Port 8-Gb/s host optimized; 4 ports at 8bs/s, 44 ports at 4Gb/s


-16xGigE ports for FCIP WAN

-4 IOA engines supporting: FCIP HW compress;FCIP HW encrypt,FCIP acceleration, Storage Media Encryption (SME), Cisco Secure Erase


Cisco MDS 9500 Series fabric modules

MDS 9513 Crossbar Switch Fabric Module – total bandwidth 2.2Tb/s

MDS 9513 Switch Fabric 2 Module – Required for 24-, 48- port 8-Gb/s FC modules.


Cisco MDS 9500 Series Supervisor modules

Provide the control plane within the MDS 9500 Series Directors; Console port, Mgmt port, COM1 port, CompactFlash slot, USB ports (2)


Gen-1 (2Gb)  

Gen-1 supports 256 Indexes (destination ports),  Max density is 240 ports using the 9509

Supervisor-1 (EOL)

MDS 9506 and 9509

MDS 9216 & MDS 9216i (EOL)


FC-16 (EOL)

FC-32 (EOL)


MPS 14/2 (EOL)


Gen-2 (4Gb) Gen-2 supports 1024 indexes; max planned density is 528 ports using the MDS 9513 Director chassis.


MDS 9513

MDS 9222i


Gen-3 (8Gb)  Gen-3 modules require NX-OS 4.x and Supervisor 2 ( on director switches)

MDS 9148



24/48 8-Gb FC

44/4  8-Gb FC


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