vSphere 5.5 esxcli namespace updates

This is your 10,000 ft view of the updates to the vsphere 5.5 esxcli.  I do plan to dive in and explore the new additions in more detail at a later date.  This round I just want to provide a taste of what is new.  

For a second time in a row, and much to my delight :D, we see an emphasis on network! (esxcli 5.0 to 5.1 provided a similar treat).  There are changes aligning with some of the new features introduced in vsphere 5.5.  There’s also a significant namespace addition for VSAN.  Duncan Epping provides a great introduction to VSAN here.  Exciting times indeed.  

Without further delay…

Counts of esxcli 5.5 updates

  new commands:  74
      by namespace
      device (2)  graphics (2)  network (26)  sched (1)  storage (11)  system (8) vsan (23) 

  commands removed: 2  (vxlan network mapping replaced with arp/mac/mtep output)
  commands modified: 3  (LACP command cleanup)
  new namespaces: 3 (device, graphics, vsan)


For those who aren’t satisfied with counts, here’s the full delta of 5.1 and 5.5 below.  Enjoy!



## esxcli.new
device.alias get 
device.alias list 
graphics.device list 
graphics.vm list 
network.ip.neighbor remove 
network.ip.netstack add 
network.ip.netstack get 
network.ip.netstack list 
network.ip.netstack remove 
network.ip.netstack set 
network.nic.coalesce get 
network.nic.coalesce set 
network.nic.cso get 
network.nic.cso set 
network.nic.eeprom change 
network.nic.eeprom dump 
network.nic.negotiate restart 
network.nic.register dump 
network.nic.selftest run 
network.nic.sg get 
network.nic.sg set 
network.nic.tso get 
network.nic.tso set 
network.sriovnic.vf stats 
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.timeout set
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan get 
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.arp list 
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.arp reset
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.mac list 
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.mac reset 
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.mtep list 
sched.reliablemem get 
storage.nfs.param get 
storage.nfs.param set 
storage.vflash.cache get 
storage.vflash.cache list 
storage.vflash.cache.stats get 
storage.vflash.cache.stats reset 
storage.vflash.device list 
storage.vflash.module get 
storage.vflash.module list 
storage.vflash.module.stats get 
storage.vmfs unmap 
system.coredump.file add 
system.coredump.file get 
system.coredump.file list 
system.coredump.file remove 
system.coredump.file set 
system.security.certificatestore add 
system.security.certificatestore list 
system.security.certificatestore remove 
vsan.cluster get 
vsan.cluster join 
vsan.cluster leave 
vsan.cluster restore 
vsan.datastore.name get 
vsan.datastore.name set 
vsan.maintenancemode cancel 
vsan.network clear 
vsan.network.ipv4 add 
vsan.network.ipv4 remove 
vsan.network.ipv4 set 
vsan.network list 
vsan.network remove 
vsan.network restore 
vsan.policy cleardefault
vsan.policy getdefault 
vsan.policy setdefault 
vsan.storage add 
vsan.storage.automode get 
vsan.storage.automode set 
vsan.storage list 
vsan.storage remove 
vsan.trace set

## esxcli.removed
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.mapping list 
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.vxlan.network.mapping reset

network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.get config (5.1)
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.get stats (5.1)
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.get status (5.1)

network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.config get (5.5)
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.stats get (5.5)
network.vswitch.dvs.vmware.lacp.status get (5.5)

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