Best (Public) VMware NSX Learning Resources

Let me qualify the title.. I say “best” with the full authority that my opinion carries.  Just trying to give y’all a place to go to get your NSX learn on…

Digital Literature …

VMware Product Walkthroughs – NSX 

The NSX walkthrough is the perfected balance the brevity of a presentation slide-deck with involved hands-on demonstrations.  Very well put together (Check out some of the other walkthroughs).

VMware NSX Design Guide 

The design guide is a PDF~30 pages is a gentle introduction to NSX topologies.  Fundamental read if you’re still trying to get a handle on NSX concepts. 

VMware Network Virtualization Blog

Subject matter content from the experts.  Posts by Martin Casado, Bruce Davie, Brad HedlundRoger Fortier.

VMware Hands on Labs (HOL) Focus: Networking

Get acquainted with NSX Dynamic Routing, the Distributed Firewall & Load Balancing.

VMware NSX 6 Documentation Center

Nothing fancy about this one… ’tis the manuals.  NSX Install and Upgrade Guide & NSX Administration Guide.  Although in the public domain, this resource is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to find via search.  But they are in the public domain.  Whatever is public is not private…right?  

Martin Casado’s Blog – Network Heresy

Scott Lowe’s Blog – Learning NVP/NSX 

Brad Hedlund’s Blog – NSX

If videos are the way you learn …

NSX Architecture Webinar by Ivan Pepelnjak on

VMworld 2013 – Introducing the World to VMware NSX (By Sachin Thakkar)

VMware Interview – Bruce Davie on NSX

VMware NSX Demo

This should at the very least provide a fair start for anyone looking to mentally ramp up for the NSX NVP.

– Gabe

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